Frequently asked questions

How do I register for an event?

To preregister for an event: 1. Go to our calendar. 2. Choose the event you want to play in. 3. Follow the preregistration link. 4. Add the appropriate quantity to your cart. 5. Go to checkout and make sure to include your DCI in the comments section. You can also register for events in store, but we recommend you preregister to save yourself a few bucks.

What time are in-store pickups available?

In-store pickups usually arrive at the Game Center by 6pm. On Sundays, they arrive at 2pm. Please note, if you place your order after 2pm, it will not arrive at the Game Center until the following day.

What's a DCI number?

A DCI number is a way of identifying players. All sanctioned Magic events require one. If you don't have a DCI number or don't remember your DCI number, no problem. We'll give you one or look yours up when you come to the store.

What cards do you buy?

For Pokemon cards, we buy cards from Sun & Moon forward as well as some older collector cards. We do not currently buy Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. For Magic cards, we buy any cards currently listed on our buylist. Prices are subject to condition. If you have a large Magic collection, we recommend you create a buylist and bring it to our warehouse. For more information on making a buylist, please go here. If you would like to sell your large collection in person, you can come during our regular hours or set up an appointment with us by sending an email to gamecenter@channelfireball.com.

How do I get the buy-a-box promo?

Due to Wizards of the Coast policies, buy-a-box promos are only allowed to be given out with in-store pre-ordered booster boxes. If you are interested in a buy-a-box promo, there are a limited quantity of booster boxes available for pre-order in store that come with a buy-a-box promo. Payment must be taken in store. One box per customer, per week. Boxes may be picked up during prerelease weekend. If the box is not picked up during prerelease, it will be available for pick up again starting the following Friday (release day).

What cards do you sell in store?

At the Game Center, we carry all Magic cards in Standard, as well as some Modern, Legacy, and Commander staples. We also carry a small selection of foils. For anything Magic related we don't carry in store, you can order it from our website and have it delivered to our Game Center for no additional charge (just choose "In Store Pickup" when choosing a delivery option at checkout). We also carry various Pokemon cards, mostly from Sun & Moon forward as well as a few older collector cards.

Do you buy cards?

Yes, we buy cards for cash or for store credit (with a 30% trade-in bonus).

What if I'm unable to attend an event I registered for?

If you can't make an event, don't worry. We automatically refund all players who don't attend.

Do you sell board games?

Yes, we do sell board games! If you're looking for a particular game, feel free to call and see if we have it in stock. Also, if you're unsure about buying a game and want to try it out, we have demo versions of many of the games we carry. You can try it out in store (we can even teach you how to play it) before you decide. You can even just come in and play board games for fun!

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